Our business has been built on apprenticeships. Rising through the ranks is a consistent theme of individuals growth at Rapanui, it gives them a sense of purpose, incentivises them to exceed in their positions and gives us staff that are capable of managing departments even more effectively – knowing their colleagues jobs inside out as they do, as they once did it themselves.

Rob Drake-Knight


My apprenticeship means everything to me as it is the start of my future. It’s the beginning of my career and the footprint for future prospects and opportunities.

Steph Gagen

TLM Laser Ltd

Thankyou for your support in our commitment to develop our people.

HGS Operations Director

I have worked at HGS for  8 Years and currently working on a development programme to become a Team Manager while I support the Academy as an SME and work with the upper management to support all agents as an employee forum representative.

I have already completed my Customer Service Level 2 and working towards Level 3. This is so I can better myself and my understanding of the business. I’m hoping it will make me a better Manager when I do complete my development programme and set me up for further progression.

Nick Hegarty

HGS - TalkTalk Plc